And we are back


Welcome!  I spend a good bit of time on my bike which I use as my zen time.  I recently hit a bit of a metaphoric bump in the road and am still in the process of sorting things on the road ahead.  This site should serve as a solid outlet for things I find interesting, some discussion and really just anything else I feel like sharing.

I can’t really recall how long it’s been since I actively blogged, but I tend to share a ton of content through various social channels.  I’ve always been a bit of an intensive reader and consume far more material than most people I’ve worked with .. I’ve always found sharing to be a very simple way to open my stream of consciousness or connect with a work related project.  It’s possible that you may find this to be a bit high volume and random and frankly that’s fine by me.  I tend to explore quite a few different areas of interest.  So with that intro, let’s get going!

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