Attaquer and the rise of smaller cycling brands

atq_redfern_31-8-16-14Cycling Tips has a really nice piece on Attaquer and the impact they’ve had on the cycling industry over their very short time as a brand.  I became aware of them just in the past year (as far as I can recall anyway) and have enjoyed seeing their work, though I’ve yet to add their kit into my cycling wardrobe. The team has produced a pretty amazing number of pieces in a very short timespan – especially compared to the almost static collections of brands like Rapha and Assos.  I mean sure you get a few things new per year from the bigger guys, but Attaquer have released 60+ kits in about 4 years which is pretty staggering.  Even more impressive is the small batch nature of the work so there’s a strong degree of exclusivity as well for those fortunate and attentive enough to grab things when they are available.  The latest currently waiting on the Cycling Tips shop.

Beyond Attaquer, I’ve noticed a huge rise in the number of small cycling brands through instagram over the last few years.  I can’t even count how many have started to follow me to introduce themselves and their designs.  I’d be remiss to not mention my buddy Matt’s company Ridge Supply which I’ve been wearing non-stop since he launched his first pair of socks.  (In fact there’s still a few hours left on the Labor Day sale if you were thinking of stocking up …) Matt has consistently been delivering a high quality, well designed  product which like a few others has really gotten me to expand my views on my preferred brands. It’s a great time to be riding especially if you like a bit of personal expression out on the road!

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