Mercedes-Benz + Matternet autonomous delivery for hard to reach locations

The Vision Van’s rooftop serves as a launch and landing pad for Matternet’s new, Matternet M2 drones.

The Matternet M2 drones, which are autonomous, can pick up and carry a package of 4.4 pounds across 12 miles of sky on a single battery charge in real world conditions.

They are designed to reload their payload and swap out batteries without human intervention. They work in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Vans’ on-board and cloud-based systems so that items within a van are loaded up into the drone, automatically, at the cue of software and with the help of robotic shelving systems within the van.

via: TechCrunch

This is a terrific concept. Mobile launch and landing from the van leveraging the Mercedes investment in Matternet which will enable urban and more populated area safe servicing.

Matternet’s drone and cloud technology were developed and designed with safety as a key objective. Its autonomous delivery network is the safest solution available, with certifications from leading aviation authorities around the world, including NASA and the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation. Its system is designed to enable flight over urban, populated areas, not just rural and sub-urban. The drone is equipped with a redundant flight termination system that deploys a parachute automatically if needed, and uses intelligent software to ensure that the vehicle never diverges by more than 5 meters (16.4 feet) from its pre-authorized path. Flight paths are automatically generated in approved airspace by Matternet’s cloud system using terrain, airspace and population-density models to plan the safest routes.

via Matternet PR


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