Amazon Notifications for Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa will soon be able to pipe up proactively with alerts from gadgets and apps, much like a smartphone does today. It’s Amazon’s first step toward making Alexa more of a general purpose platform for developers like iOS or Android, but the company will have to tread carefully to ensure that alerts on the voice-based platform don’t become intrusive.

Source: The Information

I really like our Alexa though I feel like it’s potential has barely been reached. While I don’t have much connected from our lives on the Amazon cloud this is a very interesting … it might make more sense for those people more openly using things like the Fire platform where apps and content are more exposed. In our home, Alexa provides news, serves as a kitchen spotify speaker and runs the daily cooking timers.

I’m even more curious and interested in the Google Home product.  Unlike Amazon, I have a ton of content connected to my Google account and even just a quick glance at my Google Now cards I can see the potential invaluable nature of having some of that brought even more forward.  Should be an interesting fall …

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