No context notifications need to die. 

Do you see it?  It’s the one from Wink, my smart home hub.  Notifications like these fire off because I’ve set things to alert me – in  this case to be able to close the garage door remotely if it’s been open too long.  For presumably safeyly concerns, Chamberlain doesn’t allow the door to automatically be set to close so instead I get an alert and can manually change things.  This notification however is missing two key features that would make it considerably more useful and frankly it just seems like lazy design to skip them.

We’ve had options added to notifications (like you see on YouTube and Pushbullet) to enable action in the pane for an OS generation already … but even more critical to me is what happens when I tap into the app via the notification.  NOTHING!  Instead of taking me to the Garage Door settings, I instead just get the default main screen of the Wink Hub reminding me each time how this design is poorly considered.  

My expectations for notifications is that they are designed to assist with the broader application.  They should and need to be fully considered as a core part of the user experience.  I don’t have any experience with other smart hubs but wonder how much smarter they are in enabling access like this … If you have the Samsung Smart Things hub I’d really like to know as there’s nothing proprietary happening with my kit in the house.  It’s all ready for a newer better hub if that exists.  As these things largely reside in the background, I only think about it when notifications like above happen … which sadly for Wink is more often than you might expect with a house full of kids.

UPDATE … Today (11/17) Wink updated and the notification seems to take you to your next action. Yes! 

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