10.4 — Looking forward to the Google Event 

As a geek and huge Google brand fan I am really looking forward to the event on 10.4  While I won’t be there in person (non press / non employee) I will definitely be watching the livestream.  As I am sure many others have also read we are likely to see a few new products and perhaps a surprise or two.  On the new product side, it is very clear from the hint dropped that we’ll be seeing the new Nexus, Pixel phones, but we are also likely to see the Google Home smart assistant / speaker and as well as an updated Google Cast.  I think it’s also possible that a new Google OnHub router could make a showing and who knows what additional connective service layer may also be revealed.  

On the Phone side I am definitely excited about a new premier Google experience device.  Even though the S7 Edge has been my main personal device, the Nexus 6P has remained in close proximity and been my business line.  It was carrying my personal number for a while, but the main things the S7 offered which I now take as table stakes and need in this new Google device are a great, fast camera and some level of water resistance.  My phone gets to spend a good amount of time inside a cycling jerset pocket where it has the pleasure of being routinely exposed to the elements and being sweat upon.  Of course there’s likely to be some enhanced tech specs and presumably some better battery life beyond the doze features available within Android 7.   I’ve had the Pixel launcher loaded as a bridge to the new experience and think it works quite well.  There’s a bit of getting used to (currently no swipe left for the Now Feed view, but I expect that the contextual information and suggested content will come forward again as part of the official release.  Otherwise I’m ready to buy – it’s always good to have a new phone and I’m ready.

Inside our home, we have 4 Google Cast devices and a TV that is a Cast receiver.  I find we use it quite a bit and the remote from phone stuff works pretty seamlessly but the thing I’ve always hoped to have is more direct access on the devices themselves.  I know this starts to ladder up to the Android TV model but perhaps there’s something more inbetween to consider.  As I’d previously suggested the Google Home device is likely to be a stronger player for me / us given the deeper attachment to the Google system compared to the data and frankly ability of Google compared to Amazon and the more limited skills.  Even basic web search / answers will be super nice to have in a more open environment like our kitchen or family room.

I suppose it’s possible that a surprise or two might make a showing but who knows … should be great regardless!

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