Rumor: Google planning ‘Andromeda’ OS Device in 2017


OK OK OK … This is one of those super long range, but exicting rumors.  Seems like Android Police has a good degree of confidence in their sources and frankly if the OS is real, than a halo device makes total sense.  The challenge of course is that it’s a year away … so while we are actively excited about what is expected in a week, we can’t get distracted by the plan for next year.  That said … I’m in!

Bison is planned as an ultra-thin laptop with a 12.3″ display, but Google also wants it to support a “tablet” mode. It’s unclear to us if this means Bison will be a Lenovo Yoga-style convertible device, or a detachable like Microsoft’s Surface Book, but I’m personally leaning on the former given how thin it is. Powering it will be either an Intel m3 or i5 Core processor with 32 or 128GB of storage and 8 or 16GB of RAM. This seems to suggest there will be two models. It will also feature a fingerprint scanner, two USB-C ports, a 3.5mm jack (!), a host of sensors, stylus support (a Wacom pen will be sold separately), stereo speakers, quad microphones, and a battery that will last around 10 hours. The keyboard will be backlit, and the glass trackpad will use haptic and force detection similar to the MacBook. Google plans to fit all of this in a form factor under 10mm in thickness, notably thinner than the aforementioned Apple ultraportable. via Android Police

I don’t know how you can reliably predict hardware internals a year away, but still … I’ve already been thinking about how a Chromebook + Android Apps makes a ton of sense for my own needs.  A device that’s the next generation of this design process would likely be killer for me and many others as well.

Yesterday I actually found my self distractedly browsing the  HP site looking at the Chromebook 13.  Reading the reviews and scoping the specs you can see it’s a higher end piece more in line with the current edition Pixel devices. While it lacks a touchscreen it’s still a compelling device for this generation, but without that touch UI it will be left behind pretty soon as the Android Play connections begin to light up through the rest of the year.  Looking ahead, having more power, more memory and touch are going to be need to have details in any mobile machine … Google is likely to up the ante on capability and even form factor moving forward.

Quick update — A bit more consideration just popped up at 9to5Google … it may be possible that a tablet device could even show this year.  The now dated Nexus 7 tablet (I use mine bedside daily) could be coming in ready to rock as possibly a developer piece of kit ahead of the more broad transition to Andromeda next year.

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