Pixel vs Nexus

Image via Android Central

For those playing at home, the Pixels are the first and third devices above and as you can see they are slightly smaller than the Nexii which are currently out today.  About a week ago I swapped by primary sim back into the 6P from the Samsung S7 Edge and I’ve been super happy again with the device.  Having something slightly smaller for better one-handed use will be great as I’ve experienced with the S7.  Importantly the pure Google experience will be the core.

Nexus has historically been solely an enthusiast niche device … some might say platform reference or even developer phone depending on you who you ask.  In thinking about this I can recall using and owning just about all of them … I only borrowed the original G1 from the office briefly and while impressed with the sidekick style went back to my iPhone.  Since then I’ve used the S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 5, 6 and as mentioned have the 6P running now.  In each case there has always been a touch of Google’s modesty built-in and I believe and hope those days are about to shift towards something bigger.  The greatest under-utilized asset Google has is the Google brand.  The MadeBy site that’s been setup and the ad running across my pre-roll universe features a taste of the track Come and Get your Love which I hope is a not so subtle signal of the mojo we will see strut on the stage next week.

Pixel and potential future plans are a direct opportunity for the core Google to come forward, be proud and enable a clear path forward.  Android is indisbutably a winning platform, but the true Google experience is being concealed by OEM preferences.  At this point in 2016, we have a two horse mobile race and Google should take the reins and make it very clear how great things can be when they are delivered on a platform that is clear, stays current with updates and leverages all the services without carrier or OEM intervention.  Are there likely to be carrier or OEM politics here … of course.  But Google is big enough to push it through just like Apple has always done from the start.  If people still want to buy devices clogged with carrier or OEM crap – that should be their choice vs the only option.


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