Some initial thoughts on the Hammerhead Karoo

So first some caveats … I know the Hammerhead team and have since before they launched their first product. This connection is likely to cause some positive bias because I’ve been a fan and I like to think a friend as well. That said, I’m very optimistic about where this product is going and have some thoughts to share after a few rides – and finally getting outside as well. I ordered the Karoo back in June 2017 and while I had hoped it might ship late summer did not lose hope or get angry as some in the broader … Continue reading Some initial thoughts on the Hammerhead Karoo

10 Of The Best Autechre Songs

I’ve been enjoying a lot of listening time lately and stumbled across this piece on Discogs. Seeing as I have these albums and EPs I put things together into a playlist to give it a go. Autechre have been rotating through my listening habits since first discovering them around 1995. I’ve never found them to be an acquired taste though I’m certain most (including my family) would disagree. Anyway thanks to Cloudplayer, I’ve got pretty easy remote access to my collection as needed which is pretty awesome. Not quite the level of detail Roon provides at home but until something … Continue reading 10 Of The Best Autechre Songs

iMessage. Really?

I keep reading things about the stickiness of iMessage and I frankly do not get it … While I in no way discount the stellar design, performance and appeal of the iPhone I simply do not get the need for iMessage as a core service — meaning something that would keep me attached to the platform.  There are literally countless ways to engage with people through messaging and depending on your age / need most likely a few in play at all times as well.  The digital ink spilled about being a green bubble in a blue bubble conversation is … Continue reading iMessage. Really?

The New Google Playbook

This week as much of the world noticed, Google unveiled a substantial number of new hardware products and an AI consumer-focused strategy linking things together. As was alluded to ahead of time, 10.4.2016 would be a day people will reflect upon in the future though clearly now not for the reasons many people might have projected. From my perspective, Google came out swinging and hard. They are finally taking a bold stance with their brand and it looks like there will be some considerable marketing to follow. While on the surface, it would be easy to draw some parallels to … Continue reading The New Google Playbook

Trying to make food tracking easier Lose It launches Snap It

How quantified are you? If you have an activity band you are partly there.  In my own case I’ve tried at various times over the past few years to capture and track it all. Things get challenging pretty quickly. Having worn a few different products I transitioned to Garmin this past summer to have as much associated data collected in the same place. At that time I also gave MyFitnessPal another go but like previous tries food tracking fell out of habit pretty quickly. Food tracking is hard. If you don’t eat a steady flow of packaged products you can’t … Continue reading Trying to make food tracking easier Lose It launches Snap It

Activity tracking for kids 

This morning as the kids were getting ready we took a quick look at the Garmin Vivofit Jr which was just announced.  My 7yr old son immediately wanted the digital camo one as it’s reminiscent of the infamous Minecraft pattern.  A quick poke around on this and it’s a very cool concept and one that very well might make its way into our home. Garmin has given this band some very solid consideration. First, it’s swim-proof and the battery will apparently last for about a year!  No charging is huge … Additionally this seems to really be about building and … Continue reading Activity tracking for kids