iPhone 7 Global Campaign Translation Challenges  

The importance of working your global team a bit before giving  launch clearance … Here’s why they’re different: Hong Kongers speak Cantonese, while mainlanders and Taiwanese speak Mandarin. Speakers of the two biggest dialects of the Chinese language can find each other impossible to understand and even use different written characters. And in Cantonese, “seven,” or 柒, is pronounced tsat, and is also slang for “penis.” The word isn’t particularly offensive. Instead, it is often used to describe a hilarious person or thing, or mock someone gently. Let’s say a friend slipped in public, or got a goofy haircut: you can say to him in Cantonese … Continue reading iPhone 7 Global Campaign Translation Challenges  

Attaquer and the rise of smaller cycling brands

Cycling Tips has a really nice piece on Attaquer and the impact they’ve had on the cycling industry over their very short time as a brand.  I became aware of them just in the past year (as far as I can recall anyway) and have enjoyed seeing their work, though I’ve yet to add their kit into my cycling wardrobe. The team has produced a pretty amazing number of pieces in a very short timespan – especially compared to the almost static collections of brands like Rapha and Assos.  I mean sure you get a few things new per year … Continue reading Attaquer and the rise of smaller cycling brands

And we are back

Welcome!  I spend a good bit of time on my bike which I use as my zen time.  I recently hit a bit of a metaphoric bump in the road and am still in the process of sorting things on the road ahead.  This site should serve as a solid outlet for things I find interesting, some discussion and really just anything else I feel like sharing. I can’t really recall how long it’s been since I actively blogged, but I tend to share a ton of content through various social channels.  I’ve always been a bit of an intensive reader … Continue reading And we are back