The Future is Logistics 

  Uber has been investing heavily into new transportation sectors in the past year, including food and commercial delivery. Long haul trucking might seem like a huge step for the private firm—valued at more than $60 billion—but it is just another move to make Uber the de-facto brand for all types of transport. The acquisition announcement came a few hours after Uber and Volvo announced a $300 million investment into self-driving. Volvo will provide 100 SUVs to the Pittsburgh research center, which will be deployed on the roads by the end of the month.  via ReadWrite Continue reading The Future is Logistics 

Walmart self-driving shopping carts

SlashGear has revealed a Walmart patent for an autonomous shopping cart or at least a robotic assist that can enable a cart or even deliver a cart if you find yourself wishing you’d picked one up before grabbing too much stuff.  This is an interesting concept … I don’t shop at Walmart stores mainly because they are not nearby.  Instead we use Target and Costco where I can’t tell you the number of times my ankles and achilles has been endangered by reckless or very important shoppers.  I wonder if this cart’s system will be able to help avoid others which … Continue reading Walmart self-driving shopping carts

Alphabet and Chipotle Are Bringing Burrito Delivery Drones to Campus

In what’s sure to be a college student’s dream come true, drones will soon be delivering burritos on the campus of Virginia Tech. The experimental service, to begin this month and last just a few weeks, is a test by Project Wing, a unit of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. and the Blacksburg, Virginia, university have agreed to participate. via Bloomberg Continue reading Alphabet and Chipotle Are Bringing Burrito Delivery Drones to Campus

Mercedes-Benz + Matternet autonomous delivery for hard to reach locations

The Vision Van’s rooftop serves as a launch and landing pad for Matternet’s new, Matternet M2 drones. The Matternet M2 drones, which are autonomous, can pick up and carry a package of 4.4 pounds across 12 miles of sky on a single battery charge in real world conditions. They are designed to reload their payload and swap out batteries without human intervention. They work in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Vans’ on-board and cloud-based systems so that items within a van are loaded up into the drone, automatically, at the cue of software and with the help of robotic shelving systems within the van. … Continue reading Mercedes-Benz + Matternet autonomous delivery for hard to reach locations

Volvo to license its self-driving car tech

Until now, most automakers have been keeping their internally developed autonomous vehicle technology close to the vest, but this venture will see Volvo’s self-driving tech made available to other carmakers, with revenue shared between Volvo and Autoliv. Both Volvo and Autoliv will transfer their autonomous vehicle intellectual property to the new joint venture, with Autoliv acting as the exclusive supplier of any developed technology to outside companies (Volvo will purchase directly from the joint venture). Via The Verge Continue reading Volvo to license its self-driving car tech