No context notifications need to die. 

Do you see it?  It’s the one from Wink, my smart home hub.  Notifications like these fire off because I’ve set things to alert me – in  this case to be able to close the garage door remotely if it’s been open too long.  For presumably safeyly concerns, Chamberlain doesn’t allow the door to automatically be set to close so instead I get an alert and can manually change things.  This notification however is missing two key features that would make it considerably more useful and frankly it just seems like lazy design to skip them. We’ve had options added … Continue reading No context notifications need to die. 

Budnitz Model E

The Budnitz Model E is the lightest electric bicycle of its kind in the world. Effortlessly maintain cruising speed and magically conquer hills with a 250W motor, battery and sensors concealed in an elegant rear hub. An incredible range of up to 100 miles. Recharges as you ride, eliminating the need for plugs or cables.Deceptively simple. Built to last a lifetime. Source: Budnitz Bicycles Store I discovered this brand a while back … amazing and I think related to my discovery of ello (is that still a thing?).  There’s just something about the style of these bikes that really speaks to … Continue reading Budnitz Model E