The New Google Playbook

This week as much of the world noticed, Google unveiled a substantial number of new hardware products and an AI consumer-focused strategy linking things together. As was alluded to ahead of time, 10.4.2016 would be a day people will reflect upon in the future though clearly now not for the reasons many people might have projected. From my perspective, Google came out swinging and hard. They are finally taking a bold stance with their brand and it looks like there will be some considerable marketing to follow. While on the surface, it would be easy to draw some parallels to … Continue reading The New Google Playbook

Google’s Project Ara and Modularity

Horace Dediu has an interesting and thought provoking piece at the Christensen Institute which highlights come very interesting thoughts on whether a truly hardware specific modular approach computing is really ready for the consumer market. A modular hardware (in addition to a modular software) computer may be conformable to buyer behavior but it may not offer opportunities of collaboration to producers; or vice versa. The demise of Project Ara is not a testament to the demise of modularity. Modularity is abundantly evident throughout the smartphone business ecosystems. Millions of apps act as modules that enable completely different experiences for users of the … Continue reading Google’s Project Ara and Modularity

Pixel vs Nexus

Image via Android Central For those playing at home, the Pixels are the first and third devices above and as you can see they are slightly smaller than the Nexii which are currently out today.  About a week ago I swapped by primary sim back into the 6P from the Samsung S7 Edge and I’ve been super happy again with the device.  Having something slightly smaller for better one-handed use will be great as I’ve experienced with the S7.  Importantly the pure Google experience will be the core. Nexus has historically been solely an enthusiast niche device … some might say platform … Continue reading Pixel vs Nexus

Rumor: Google planning ‘Andromeda’ OS Device in 2017

  OK OK OK … This is one of those super long range, but exicting rumors.  Seems like Android Police has a good degree of confidence in their sources and frankly if the OS is real, than a halo device makes total sense.  The challenge of course is that it’s a year away … so while we are actively excited about what is expected in a week, we can’t get distracted by the plan for next year.  That said … I’m in! Bison is planned as an ultra-thin laptop with a 12.3″ display, but Google also wants it to support … Continue reading Rumor: Google planning ‘Andromeda’ OS Device in 2017

10.4 — Looking forward to the Google Event 

As a geek and huge Google brand fan I am really looking forward to the event on 10.4  While I won’t be there in person (non press / non employee) I will definitely be watching the livestream.  As I am sure many others have also read we are likely to see a few new products and perhaps a surprise or two.  On the new product side, it is very clear from the hint dropped that we’ll be seeing the new Nexus, Pixel phones, but we are also likely to see the Google Home smart assistant / speaker and as well as an … Continue reading 10.4 — Looking forward to the Google Event 

Alexa leaves me wanting more … is Google Home going to be the answer?

We’ve had an Alexa in our kitchen since close to when the device launched and it’s certainly been a fun and interesting product.  It’s limits however are quite clear even with as many additional skills as have been announced and delivered since it was first shipped.  Amazon doesn’t really have any of my personal or our household information loaded so it’s not a very helpful agent in managing things and the shopping list is a bit of a chore to use once loaded if you aren’t actually buying on Amazon. The more I’ve thought about it the more excited I … Continue reading Alexa leaves me wanting more … is Google Home going to be the answer?

Getting Ready for the Chromebook Revolution

Wired highlights a theme I’ve been considering for a while now and that’s how computing has changed … and we probably haven’t even been to paying too much attention. At home, we’ve been doing the chromebook thing and at first I considered them to be the low powered machines that they are, but frankly they are more than sufficient for pretty much anything we throw their way.   They are (generally) cheap enough that when the kids destroy them it’s considerably less catastrophic compared to a Mac.  I’ve been exclusively using a Chromebook (Dell 13) since the summer for just … Continue reading Getting Ready for the Chromebook Revolution

Nexus phones Get Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant and VPN

Thanks to a tip from Android Authority I’ve found Google’s Wi-Fi assistant waiting on my Nexus 6P.  It’s not currently showing on my Nexus 6 or PIxel C Tablet where it would be ideally put to use, but this is a very nice feature added into the OS.  As you can see you get Google VPN services on public networks that have been confirmed for use.  Nothing like an online access EZ-Pass! And yes I do realize that the PIxel C is not a Nexus, but as we’ve all seen it looks like PIxel is the new Nexus brand … hoping that … Continue reading Nexus phones Get Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant and VPN

Amazon Notifications for Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa will soon be able to pipe up proactively with alerts from gadgets and apps, much like a smartphone does today. It’s Amazon’s first step toward making Alexa more of a general purpose platform for developers like iOS or Android, but the company will have to tread carefully to ensure that alerts on the voice-based platform don’t become intrusive. Source: The Information I really like our Alexa though I feel like it’s potential has barely been reached. While I don’t have much connected from our lives on the Amazon cloud this is a very interesting … it might make … Continue reading Amazon Notifications for Alexa