Activity tracking for kids 

This morning as the kids were getting ready we took a quick look at the Garmin Vivofit Jr which was just announced.  My 7yr old son immediately wanted the digital camo one as it’s reminiscent of the infamous Minecraft pattern.  A quick poke around on this and it’s a very cool concept and one that very well might make its way into our home. Garmin has given this band some very solid consideration. First, it’s swim-proof and the battery will apparently last for about a year!  No charging is huge … Additionally this seems to really be about building and … Continue reading Activity tracking for kids 

Withings Steel HR is Gorgeous!

 Wow!  WiThings nailed it with this one.  You get HR on a mostly analog watch that looks like a watch.  HR has thus far been on either very techie or very sporty products and this finally brings HR to an every day design. I’ve worn quite a few activity and fitness trackers and even my most recent addition (Garmin vívosmart HR+) was something I intentionally chose as not a watch so that I could also wear a watch when I wanted (fashion!).  This design gives you a really nice balance … no word on pricing, but arrives in a month. Continue reading Withings Steel HR is Gorgeous!