The Future is Logistics 

  Uber has been investing heavily into new transportation sectors in the past year, including food and commercial delivery. Long haul trucking might seem like a huge step for the private firm—valued at more than $60 billion—but it is just another move to make Uber the de-facto brand for all types of transport. The acquisition announcement came a few hours after Uber and Volvo announced a $300 million investment into self-driving. Volvo will provide 100 SUVs to the Pittsburgh research center, which will be deployed on the roads by the end of the month.  via ReadWrite Continue reading The Future is Logistics 

Amazon Logistics

Solid read from Bloomberg on the potential of Amazon’s plans to evolve their delivery process, drive costs down from their network of providers and of course … grow their own network to deliver predictably.  It’s unclear where the end game might lead, but cost pressures are going to certainly put the sting on UPS and FedEx and that’s just in the US. In June, Deutsche Bank released a report predicting that Amazon will eventually have a global shipping operation capable of moving goods directly from factories in China to customers in the U.S. and Europe, using not just 767s and container … Continue reading Amazon Logistics