Rumor: Google planning ‘Andromeda’ OS Device in 2017

  OK OK OK … This is one of those super long range, but exicting rumors.  Seems like Android Police has a good degree of confidence in their sources and frankly if the OS is real, than a halo device makes total sense.  The challenge of course is that it’s a year away … so while we are actively excited about what is expected in a week, we can’t get distracted by the plan for next year.  That said … I’m in! Bison is planned as an ultra-thin laptop with a 12.3″ display, but Google also wants it to support … Continue reading Rumor: Google planning ‘Andromeda’ OS Device in 2017

OK Oakley, “Start a Ride”

I doubt I’ll be changing my Oakley’s for these, but still … an interesting concept.  Instead of forcing something into your line of sight these are designed as a hearable … you speak and get feedback without having to change your view.  In theory this is a safer way to roll .. though interesting the focus of the demo was running vs cycling.  I realize it was a single event and inside on a treadmill, but the sports are quite different and have different needs to consider. As you can see from the screenshots of the app it’s pretty basic stuff … Continue reading OK Oakley, “Start a Ride”

Designing Smart Push Notifications

First Round Capital has a really nice write up on designing push notifications to create more compelling experiences.  It’s largely common knowledge now, but the ratio of apps downloaded vs apps used is rather disproportionate and the number of apps we (normal users perhaps not me) tend to use is a low single digit.  Aside form considering how contextual each notification can be it’s also critical to consider the onboarding process so that you have a clear set of expectations to even ensure push notifications are allowed.  And of course … consider why an app is even something we need.  Continue reading Designing Smart Push Notifications