Pixel vs Nexus

Image via Android Central For those playing at home, the Pixels are the first and third devices above and as you can see they are slightly smaller than the Nexii which are currently out today.  About a week ago I swapped by primary sim back into the 6P from the Samsung S7 Edge and I’ve been super happy again with the device.  Having something slightly smaller for better one-handed use will be great as I’ve experienced with the S7.  Importantly the pure Google experience will be the core. Nexus has historically been solely an enthusiast niche device … some might say platform … Continue reading Pixel vs Nexus

Nexus phones Get Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant and VPN

Thanks to a tip from Android Authority I’ve found Google’s Wi-Fi assistant waiting on my Nexus 6P.  It’s not currently showing on my Nexus 6 or PIxel C Tablet where it would be ideally put to use, but this is a very nice feature added into the OS.  As you can see you get Google VPN services on public networks that have been confirmed for use.  Nothing like an online access EZ-Pass! And yes I do realize that the PIxel C is not a Nexus, but as we’ve all seen it looks like PIxel is the new Nexus brand … hoping that … Continue reading Nexus phones Get Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant and VPN