Google’s Project Ara and Modularity

Horace Dediu has an interesting and thought provoking piece at the Christensen Institute which highlights come very interesting thoughts on whether a truly hardware specific modular approach computing is really ready for the consumer market. A modular hardware (in addition to a modular software) computer may be conformable to buyer behavior but it may not offer opportunities of collaboration to producers; or vice versa. The demise of Project Ara is not a testament to the demise of modularity. Modularity is abundantly evident throughout the smartphone business ecosystems. Millions of apps act as modules that enable completely different experiences for users of the … Continue reading Google’s Project Ara and Modularity

Fiz:i’k’s LINK Bib Shorts pair with your saddle 

I’m very intrigued by these new Link Bibs. I’m currently riding my second bike with an Arione saddle and comfort is solid.  Matching a bib to fit as an extension seems like an almost obvious idea now that they’ve announced things. I guess the best ideas always do … Hopefully the reviews will be good when they start to ship! For now we have to wait. Pricing is similar to Rapha which has been my goto for a few years now.   Bicycling has a nice overview with more at Fizik. Continue reading Fiz:i’k’s LINK Bib Shorts pair with your saddle