Trying to make food tracking easier Lose It launches Snap It

How quantified are you? If you have an activity band you are partly there.  In my own case I’ve tried at various times over the past few years to capture and track it all. Things get challenging pretty quickly. Having worn a few different products I transitioned to Garmin this past summer to have as much associated data collected in the same place. At that time I also gave MyFitnessPal another go but like previous tries food tracking fell out of habit pretty quickly. Food tracking is hard. If you don’t eat a steady flow of packaged products you can’t … Continue reading Trying to make food tracking easier Lose It launches Snap It

Withings Steel HR is Gorgeous!

 Wow!  WiThings nailed it with this one.  You get HR on a mostly analog watch that looks like a watch.  HR has thus far been on either very techie or very sporty products and this finally brings HR to an every day design. I’ve worn quite a few activity and fitness trackers and even my most recent addition (Garmin vívosmart HR+) was something I intentionally chose as not a watch so that I could also wear a watch when I wanted (fashion!).  This design gives you a really nice balance … no word on pricing, but arrives in a month. Continue reading Withings Steel HR is Gorgeous!