Ikea’s Dining Club

If you live in London, you can take advantage of the Ikea Dining Club, which is a smart looking new campaign from Ikea.  In short, you get to cook under the supervision of a professional chef (success guaranteed!) and provide a great group meal to a bunch of your friends.  With so much attention these days on food trends, Ikea seems to have put together a very nice system of components … Beyond the social cooking there are events and education events and of course the shopping though that seems very much to be secondary to the experiences being designed. … Continue reading Ikea’s Dining Club

Attaquer and the rise of smaller cycling brands

Cycling Tips has a really nice piece on Attaquer and the impact they’ve had on the cycling industry over their very short time as a brand.  I became aware of them just in the past year (as far as I can recall anyway) and have enjoyed seeing their work, though I’ve yet to add their kit into my cycling wardrobe. The team has produced a pretty amazing number of pieces in a very short timespan – especially compared to the almost static collections of brands like Rapha and Assos.  I mean sure you get a few things new per year … Continue reading Attaquer and the rise of smaller cycling brands