The Future is Logistics 

  Uber has been investing heavily into new transportation sectors in the past year, including food and commercial delivery. Long haul trucking might seem like a huge step for the private firm—valued at more than $60 billion—but it is just another move to make Uber the de-facto brand for all types of transport. The acquisition announcement came a few hours after Uber and Volvo announced a $300 million investment into self-driving. Volvo will provide 100 SUVs to the Pittsburgh research center, which will be deployed on the roads by the end of the month.  via ReadWrite Continue reading The Future is Logistics 

Budnitz Model E

The Budnitz Model E is the lightest electric bicycle of its kind in the world. Effortlessly maintain cruising speed and magically conquer hills with a 250W motor, battery and sensors concealed in an elegant rear hub. An incredible range of up to 100 miles. Recharges as you ride, eliminating the need for plugs or cables.Deceptively simple. Built to last a lifetime. Source: Budnitz Bicycles Store I discovered this brand a while back … amazing and I think related to my discovery of ello (is that still a thing?).  There’s just something about the style of these bikes that really speaks to … Continue reading Budnitz Model E

Is urban cycling worth the risk? 

Interesting piece from the FT on the potential risks related to urban cycling — primarily as a commute method. They highlight both the obvious potential danger from accidents as well as ingestion of pollution. Using a 30 minute cycle as the model you are generally going to be more than fine in all but the worst cities.  From a safety perspective there’s the clear always wear a helmet rule to start but also you have to recognize cities create a whole new level of potential chaos. In my experience using CitiBike, pedestrians pose the greatest risk. As I’ve seen consistently, walkers are the … Continue reading Is urban cycling worth the risk?